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Privacy and protection of personal information

Milana OÜ has the right to collect and process and you agree and give your consent to such monitoring and collection of usage statistics and other information related to usage of

Milana Webpage Privacy Statement provides among other things also the purposes of collection of personal data, categories of personal data processed, and procedure for and manner of processing personal data. You hereby give your consent to Milana OÜ to process and collect the data specified in Milana Webpage Privacy Statement for the purposes provided therein. You are asked to give and you give the consent to Milana OÜ to process, collect, record, save, store and analyse all data (incl. personal data) referred in the Milana Webpage Privacy Statement for the purposes referred therein also upon conclusion of sales agreement through payment.

Milana OÜ may authorise another person acting at the location of Milana OÜ to collect and process the mentioned personal data and also to fulfil the tasks related to performance of the contract(s) or part of such processes and activities. Such entity shall be obligated to keep the data confidential and to use this data only for the purposes provided in this Milana Webpage Privacy Statement in the interests of Milana OÜ. Personal data is not communicated to other persons unless there is a legal obligation to do so, it is in the interest of many visitors of or the need to communicate such data comes from the performance of the sale agreement(s).

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